Why does hair loss bother us so much? At the surface level, hair loss is nothing more than losing some hair on our head. When we dig deeper we understand that hair loss also affects our confidence. Some of the symptoms that we notice the lack of confidence can include anxiety, depression, and the tendency to avoid certain situations. Things we used to love to do like driving a convertible, riding in a boat, or going swimming become things we would strive to avoid. Those things are still fun to do, but we are afraid of how we look while doing them. It is just hair, so why do we feel this way? A lot of men are afraid to admit hair loss affects them, so to further exasperate the problem, admitting it affects our confidence is sometimes even harder than dealing with the hair loss. So what is so important about hair that it can so drastically affect our confidence? When we are young and have a head full of hair we never think about it. It is just sitting there on top of our head being styled any way we’d like to style it. We only begin to really feel that hair is important as we begin to lose it. Most people that are affected by hair loss say it makes them look older than they are. While this may bother someone a lot or someone only slightly, nobody wants to look older than they are. First, it starts slowly and we begin to wonder if our hair is thinning or falling out. Then it starts getting more noticeable to us and we realize it’s thinning and begin to wonder if others notice it as well. At this point, most people who want to stop the loss begin looking for a hair loss cure.

It’s not only hair loss

Are we looking for a cure for hair loss or a cure for confidence? What is achieved during a hair transplant procedure? The simple answer is hair is moved from the donor area on the back and sides of the scalp to the area on top of the scalp where the hair is thinning. A more involved answer involves the psychological benefits that occur from the hair transplant patient’s results. When we realize the benefits from the results of a hair transplant it brings back confidence. A hair transplant only moves hair to where it has been thinning. It is actually having hair back where you want it that helps you feel better about yourself and helps bring your confidence back up to where it used to be. No more worrying about the wind. No more worrying about swimming pools. No more avoiding things that you love to do. You can get back to being yourself again. Once your hair is gone, it is gone. The only way to get hair back into a balding area is through hair transplantation. Call the St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor at 314-384-2474 for a free consultation and to learn who the best doctors are for your hair transplant procedure.