How To Choose A Hair Transplant Surgeon

A significant percentage of the population suffers from hair loss. Of those with hair loss, many would benefit from a hair transplant procedure. Exactly what the benefits are of undergoing a hair transplant procedure are unique to each potential patient. For most, a hair transplant procedure would simply make them feel better about themselves. If

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Recent History Of Hair Transplants

Over the past few decades, hair transplant procedures have improved significantly. Not only has the technology involved in the hair transplant process improved, but the skill of the surgeons who perform the procedures and operate the technology has increased as well. Hair transplants are advancing so rapidly that a potential hair transplant patient would have

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Types Of Hair Transplantation Procedures

The decision to undergo a hair transplantation procedure is a big one. While it would not be considered major surgery, it is still technically considered a surgery—albeit a minimally invasive type of surgical procedure. Because of this, it has all the risks that come with any surgical procedure: infection, bleeding, and unexpected complications. While these

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Hair Transplants: What To Consider

People can spend a lot of time going back and forth in their own mind before making a major decision. When it comes to major medical decisions, unfortunately, folks may not be afforded the luxury of an extended decision-making process. The urgent nature of the issue may force us into having the procedure done as

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Is Hair Replacement Surgery Right For You?

As with any medical procedure, hair transplant surgery patients often have a lot of questions they need to answer prior to committing to going under the knife. Making sure you understand the nature of your condition and finding the right doctor are some parts of the hair transplant surgery process that are similar to any

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Early History Of Hair Transplants

Early History Of Hair Transplants Many people do not understand how hair transplant surgeries actually work. When they’re asked to think about it, many assume there is some highly advanced technology involved in the process. To some degree, this is correct. Technological advancements have permeated many fields over the last few decades, and hair transplantation

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Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a difficult thing to deal with. While it is not always indicative of a serious underlying issue, it can cause a tremendous amount of stress in the lives of those that suffer from it. The emotional problems that are associated with the stress of hair loss can have a serious physical

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Options For Dealing With Hair Loss

Few things in life can be more stressful to deal with than hair loss. Many times, the stress of dealing with hair loss can be so overwhelming that it can be easy to overlook the options that are available for dealing with the issue. People can’t see the forest for the trees, to use an

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Its Not Only Hair Loss

Why does hair loss bother us so much? At the surface level, hair loss is nothing more than losing some hair on our head. When we dig deeper we understand that hair loss also affects our confidence. Some of the symptoms that we notice the lack of confidence can include anxiety, depression, and the tendency

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Hair Loss Myths

There are a lot of widely held but false beliefs when it comes to hair loss. Here we take a look at some of the more prominent ideas and myths that defy logic and science to help you separate fact from fiction. Myth: Hair loss comes from the mother’s father Truth: Hair loss can come

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