Non-Surgical Options for Hair Restoration

Hair loss is one of the most prevalent problems that both men and women face every day. Around one hundred hairs are lost from the scalp daily and many of us are able to grow them back. However, there are some people who do not. Either due to age, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, heredity, chemotherapy, stress, there are many factors that can contribute to losing one’s hair.


Causes of Hair Loss

Fortunately, there are a myriad of treatments available to curb the loss of hair. Some require surgical intervention while others are capable of producing excellent results with non-invasive measures. Some non-surgical methods for tackling hair loss are:

Some of these treatments have proven effective in total hair restoration and even reversing hair loss.

At St. Louis Hair Restoration we offer Non-Surgical Options for Hair Restoration

Non-Surgical Hair Rejuvenation: The Cure in Your Bloodstream

One of the methods to restore lost hair is to use our own blood. Platelet-rich plasma has been used for years to treat muscle disorders. More recently, this therapy, Non-Surgical Hair Rejuvenation, has gained popularity in the field of hair restorative therapy. The theory behind this form of hair restoration suggests that platelets from the blood, when injected into the scalp where hair is lost, stimulates cells. These cells, located deep within hair follicles, are called dermal papilla cells, and play a crucial role in the growth of hair.

Blood is first drawn from the patient’s arm. The plasma is separated from other blood components by means of spinning in a centrifuge. The plasma rises to the top layer, is removed, cleaned and injected into the patient’s scalp. Typically, treatment is carried out over 3 sessions, and results may be seen over the next few months as hair grows. There is no downtime, and people can return to normal activities almost immediately. Click Here To Learn More.

Laser Therapy and Hair Growth

Laser therapy or laser therapy of low-level standards radiates photons into the scalp through a laser. These directly affect the tissues of the scalp and are absorbed by weak follicular cells. The energy applied makes the cells stronger by stimulating them into action to grow hair. The procedure is safe, can be tolerated well and is non-invasive, so, many people are drawn to it. This therapy is known to increase the strength of hair for a fuller, thicker look. Click Here To Learn More.

Hair Restoration with Prescription Medication

In the late 1990s, the drug Propecia was officially approved by the United States for the treatment of baldness. It had been used as a prostate shrinking medication in men for years before this. Also known as Finasteride, it blocks the activity of enzymes that convert testosterone into a form that causes hair follicle cells to become smaller. This promotes hair loss over time and eventually leads to balding. One tablet of 1 mg of Propecia taken daily is enough to slow down hair loss and possibly regain some density. The treatment is recommended for men only and has not been approved for women or children yet.

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