“I have always been on the fence and hair restoration. Like alot of guys reading this review probably think not for you or to nervous to make the jump. I was in your for the past few years. I have talked to multiple places and always felt like i was at a used car dealership. Thats until i found gregg at st louis hair restoration. I went in thinking like most people what line of bs is he going to feed me.. to my surprise there was none. I went in talked about my hair loss seen some before and after pics like every place else but with a great twist. Gregg is also a client and it was actually nice to see actual results from years ago when he got his procedure. And to be honest i was sold right there but the great thing about gregg and st louis hair restoration told me to due my homework which i did. He gave me a ton of information about board certification and things most people dont know about. So after a few weeks at most i made the jump. Now to St. Louis Hair Restoration and amazing team. I cant say enough how easy they made it and actually how quick my 6 hr procedure went. His team is on top of everything i felt really comfortable and honestly didnt feel a thing so i cant thank the amazing team at St. Louis Hair Restoration enough for changing my life because they actually did. So if you get anything from this post take this give these people a chance to change your life like they did mine and i cant wait to see the results in 6 to 9 months.. ps they have list of people that you can call to ask about the procedure so feel free to get ahold of me or the other dozen”

Matt W.

“Everything was first class. Just in terms of the day of procedure, the staff was extremely pleasant and put me at ease. Everything that was done was explained thoroughly in advance so I knew what to expect. A week later, they continue to follow up to see how things are going. And I haven’t even mentioned that this is the only facility in the St Louis region to offer this type of procedure which is done by hand and delivers an industry top 97% retention rate of the grafts. All in all, a very professional, personable, and gratifying experience. I highly recommend going with StL Hair Restoration if this procedure is in your future.”

Todd C.

“I had a great experience at St. Louis Hair Restoration. Gregg and his medical team were top notch and I never felt pressured to “close the deal” at my initial visit. When it came to my procedure I was grateful the nurse numbing my head used a technique to greatly reduce each needle stick from the anesthesia. It’s little things like that which made me feel I was in good hands. Six months out I’m happy with the results and feel it was money well spent.”

Clint H.

“Awesome experience from a great team! Couldn’t be happier with my results so far and am excited to see my final look in a year! As a Physician myself, I can confidently recommend the high level of quality services St. Louis Hair Restoration provides.”

Ali A.

“I have been a barber for 18 years and have seen many clients with all different types of hair loss, over the past 2 years I have referred many clients to St. Louis hair restoration and the results for all of them have been amazing. If you are looking for a caring, professional staff the will give natural looking permanent results, this is the place!”

Lauren M.

“Losing my hair, I felt like I was just not me anymore. I had a lengthy conversation with Gregg Kreyling and decided to go ahead with the transplant. I would like to thank Gregg and his team for helping me restore the confidence in me that was lost. Again, Thank you! Highly recommended for those who are seeking a new restored self you.”

Randall R.

“Great experience! The process was smooth from consultation to procedure! I never felt judged, and was treated with the upmost respect and care. I highly recommend taking the time to meet with the team and see what they have to offer!”

Robert H.

“Gregg’s consultation is so informative he should charge for it. I’ve been to a couple of other consultations and didn’t get anywhere near the same amount of information. ”

Ras B.

“Gregg gave me information that I would have never would have found on my own. He helped me learn the details of hair transplantation so that I could make the best decision for myself. I had my procedure done and I couldn’t be happier.”

Tim B.

“Having a hair transplant was the best investment that I ever made. It gave me my confidence back.

I don’t worry how my hair looks anymore. No more hats. No more worrying about the wind or rain. I love it.”

Jeff S.

“My only regret is that I didn’t decide to have a hair transplant sooner.

It looks totally natural, even my hair stylist can’t tell. Best of all it’s permanent.”

Kyle T.

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