A significant percentage of the population suffers from hair loss. Of those with hair loss, many would benefit from a hair transplant procedure. Exactly what the benefits are of undergoing a hair transplant procedure are unique to each potential patient. For most, a hair transplant procedure would simply make them feel better about themselves. If a hair transplant procedure makes someone feel better about themselves, it can be a source of motivation to begin any number of positive activities. A hair transplant procedure may make someone more social, which can have a number of physical, emotional and mental health benefits. Truly, there is no limit to the positive benefits that can occur as the result of a successful hair transplant procedure; the benefits go beyond the new head of hair to benefit a person’s entire life. While the hair transplant procedure itself may not be a direct medical necessity, it may be indirectly responsible for a tremendous increase in a person’s overall wellbeing. With all that being said, many who need the procedure are still not comfortable with the idea of a hair transplant. As with many things that we are skeptical of, more information may be all that is necessary to improve these folks’ perceptions of hair transplant surgery. One major way people accept new information is if they feel it comes from a credible source. When it comes to a hair transplant procedure, there is going to be no more credible source than the hair transplant surgeon chosen to perform the surgery. So, how does one go about finding the right hair transplant surgeon? There are a few things to consider.

Choose A Trained Professional

Perhaps the first thing to research in a search for the right hair transplant surgeon is to check out their credentials and professional history. Medical doctors frame their degrees and certifications and hang them prominently on the walls of their office for a reason: knowing their doctor has the right education and training for the job provides peace of mind for patients. Just like an orthopedic surgeon or any other specialist, a good hair transplant surgeon will have specialized credentials that are designed to establish their proficiency in the field. Another thing to check is their professional history. Patients interested in hair transplant surgery will want to choose a surgeon with many years of experience and success in the field. As anyone who has undertaken a profession understands, there is no teacher like real world experience. No course on the science of hair transplants can adequately prepare a surgeon for what to do when the time comes to perform surgery on a real patient who depends on them. There are St. Louis hair regrowth companies who specialize in locating the top hair transplant surgeons in a particular area.

Choose A Procedure

Another factor that might help one find the right hair transplant surgeon is the type of procedure they desire. There are several types of hair transplant procedures, with two notable options being follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). As folks research hair transplants, they may settle on one type of procedure and choose a doctor who specializes in one area.

Read Client Testimonials

Reading testimonials is a great way to evaluate any product or service. Many hair transplant surgeons provide client testimonials on their website. If they don’t, it may be a good idea to inquire about the results they’ve achieved for their clients. Patients should pay close attention to a surgeon’s work with clients whose situation is somewhat close to their own.

See Clients In Person

Because hair transplants are so visually important, reading a surgeon’s client testimonials may not be enough. Even seeing pictures of their success stories may not be enough. It can be tremendously reassuring to meet someone who has been a patient of a hair transplant surgeon and experience their successful results in person.