There are a lot of widely held but false beliefs when it comes to hair loss. Here we take a look at some of the more prominent ideas and myths that defy logic and science to help you separate fact from fiction.

Myth: Hair loss comes from the mother’s father

Hair loss can come from either parent. The main cause of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, is does not specifically come from one side of the family or the other. It is genetic and both parents’ genes are factors. This gene can come from either side of the family. Two brothers may have totally different experiences with hair loss. They can both have the same parents and one brother have a head full of hair while the other brother is bald. It is no different from one brother being tall and the other short.

Myth: Hats cause balding

Wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. Many people believe hats cause hair loss because they see a lot of hair in their hat when they take it off. The average person loses about 100-125 hairs per day. If you have been wearing a hat all day, the hairs that you would normally lose are instead trapped and collected in your hat. Once you remove your hat, you can see numerous hairs that have collected in the hat throughout the day. The truth is these hairs would have shed regardless if you wore the hat or not. It is just more noticeable to people when they take off their hat because they actually see the hairs that have shed that day. In order for a hat to cause hair loss, it would need to be extremely tight to the point of cutting off blood circulation. There are numerous baseball players, football players, and firefighters that wear hats or helmets all day that is not affected by hair loss.

Myth: Shaving your hair will make it thicker

Shaving your hair does not make it come back thicker. People believe this myth because their hair feels thicker when they feel it when it begins to grow back after shaving their head or beard. The reason for this is the hair is thicker at the base and it stiffer when it is short. As a hair grows longer, the width at the base remains the same while the diameter of the hair decreases the further that it gets from the base. So as the hair grows longer, the diameter further away from the base continues to decrease and the hair becomes less stiff.

Myth: Washing, blow-drying, and styling hair can cause hair loss

Washing, blow-drying, and styling hair does not cause hair loss. Doing anything excessively to your hair can cause damage. For example, using a blow dryer excessively can dry out hair, which can make hair more brittle, which can lead to breakage of the hair. However, this is much different than genetic hair loss.

As you can see hair loss myths should be carefully considered before taken as truth or fact. It is by properly educating our clients that St. Louis Hair Transplant Mentor continues to achieve the most amazing results.